World’s Cutest Groomer Caught Dancing With Client’s Dog

Visiting a dog salon is definitely an experience that most dogs don’t go crazy about. However, the groomer seems to have found a way to make it a really fun experience for both himself and the dog.

Luis Antonio Caballero, owner of the Petshop Perrito Feliz in Buenos Aires, Argentina, made an internet sensation when a moving video went viral. Gabriella’s wife caught a 58-year-old man dancing with a client’s dog on camera.

“I went for tea and came back to find Luis dancing,” Gabriela told Dodo. “He didn’t know I was there, so I pulled out my phone and started recording.”

And soon after the video was posted online, it went viral, with many expressing enthusiasm that they were happy with Luis Antonio’s work. When asked if singing was what made her husband feel good, Gabriela replied that this was a normal working day for her soulmate. This guy definitely loves his job!

“It’s an ordinary day here,” she said. “We are a family dedicated to the dogs. He loves them and they love him. And with the lovely video, that’s more evident!”