Woman Saves PitBull Dumped Near A Recycling Plant, Keeps Returning Every Day for 3 Weeks

When rescuer Lisa Chiarelli learned about a lonely Pit Bull dumped near a dangerous recycling plant, she knew she had to help. Lisa arrived at the plant and located the Pit Bull, but the scared pooch refused to entertain her friendly advances and disappeared into the vast pile of garbage.

For the next 3 weeks, Lisa visited the area every day in hopes of rescuing the Pit Bull, who she named Xena. The heartbroken Xena would sulk and wander in the vast acres of the deserted plant, but she straight up refused the help of another human. Lisa laid out traps filled with food for Xena, but nothing seemed to work.

One day, Lisa gently coaxed Xena to come with her. She assured her of a shelter and a good home, and it seemed like Xena finally trusted her. A few days later, Lisa was surprised to find Xena comfortably seated in one of the traps! She wasn’t even panicking, and calmly waited for Lisa to get her to safety.

Lisa’s heart leaped with joy when Xena started wagging her tail with love. Lisa’s 3-week mission to earn a dog’s love and trust taught her to never give up on any dog, no matter how elusive they seem. Today, Xena has left the scars of abandonment far behind and has blossomed into a happy pooch with her forever family!

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