Winner Of Gold Medal Sacrificed Her Career To Save Her Horse

Horses are one of the most talented animals in the world, and there is no doubt that history shows that. Many sports involving horses have been created for entertainment purposes for hundreds of years, not to mention their central importance in history. Horses are also one of the most beautiful animals in the world, which is why people love horses so much. It is undeniable that horses give breathtaking affection and security to anyone who has nothing to do with horses.

Equestrian is also considered one of the best remedies, and more and more people are choosing to tackle many of life’s problems. The moment you see a horse, you realize how wonderful these animals are. Olympics are in full swing-all eyes are on Rio! Competitors from all over the world have been preparing for these games for quite some time!

The Dutch dressage rider and her pony Parzival won the Olympic silver and bronze medals. They have also won Global and European Gold Awards. I’m glad you won in Rio. Adeline posted on his Facebook page that things started from a positive perspective.

They flew comfortably, the stables were good and the preparation was effective. She said chestnut gelding was optimistic and healthy. However, at this point, Adeline saw one morning that Pargival’s face was swollen and he had been kicking the steady walls.Pargival had a fever of over 40 degrees Celsius.

However, he ate and drank. What this amazing woman did was sacrifice her career for her horse, and many wouldn’t have done it. It’s one of those rare compounds that’s really hard to find, and for a horse like this it’s worth doing everything. Check out the video below and let us know what you think.