Winery Sales Increase After Dog Delivers Wine to Customers During Pandemic

A Maryland business in Hagerstown is trying to keep its sales by adhering to safe practices during coronavirus pandemics. Summer is bringing cuts to customers with a new special offer employee: A dog.

Soda receives very positive reviews from customers: “They love it, they love Soda, they miss Soda, they keep telling them they will be back soon. People have never been here before meeting only Soda, watching him hand over, people with kids want them to see that he makes the delivery. ”

Yes mom, I’m working very hard to bring in some business, the dog ‘wrote’ on Facebook. “I’ll remind them that I’ll deliver their wine for a small treat as well. Heck, I’ll provide the treat.”

Customers can pull up to the winery and get bottles of wine delivered curbside thanks to Soda. The adorable pooch walks out to the vehicle with the bottles strapped to a doggy saddlebag.

Yata reports sales have increased since Soda’s service has been implemented.

Soda is always ready to give a help, or I have to kiss, she shared on Facebook.

Very clever idea. Hopefully Soda gets a lot of treatments for his good deeds! Watch the adorable Boxer in action by clicking the game in the video below.

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