When Dad Lists Out Her Favorite Foods Labrador Licking Her Lips

Anyone who has raised a Labrador knows that they love food. Nothing can fool their taste buds, as they draw strict lines between tasty, tolerable, and downright nauseating foods. Children’s book author Josh Gottsegen has one such Labrador, Olive, whose food standards can be as testing as a food critic’s.

In this video, Josh manages to capture Olive’s food-motivated personality. He starts out by listing out the names of mouth-watering junk foods. Pepperoni pizza, sweet ice cream, savory burritos, all get an instant seal of approval from Olive’s lapping and drooling tongue.

It seems like Olive is lost in food dreamland, as she fantasizes about eating all those delicacies listed out by Josh. However, her delicious fantasy comes to a rude stop the moment Josh mentions broccoli! Olive makes her disapproval known by turning her face sideways and sporting a deadpan stare.

But Josh doesn’t give up just yet. He keeps adding other healthy food options like peas, sprouts, salads to the list, but all of them are criticized with the same cold indifference by Olive. She is not letting any of those bitter green things ruin her day. Josh finally gives in and starts name dropping junk food once again. Needless to say, Olive is back with her sloppy, slithering tongue and twinkle in her eye! What an adorable food enthusiast!

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