Two-Week-Old Fatherless Piglet Calms Kitten During Seizures

While it seems very unlikely that cats will make friends with piglets, this inseparable pair proves impossible is nothing in the animal kingdom. A special needs kitten with convulsions calms down only when a two-week-old orphaned piglet is nearby. Their inspirational story proves once again how sweet animals can be!

There was no difference in life for these two little things. Fortunately, they now have each other, and the special bonds they share help them overcome any obstacles. The two met at Rancho Relaxo, a rescue facility in New Jersey, and have been inseparable since then. A lovely two-week-old piglet, Batman became an orphan shortly after birth, but things get worse for the cute black cat Sriracha.

Sriracha, born with a rare neuropathy, is always difficult to walk. Due to her health, the kitten also has balance problems and frequent seizures. But apparently she can now overcome her problems much easier, and all thanks to her rare friends. From her first day, Batman realized that Sriracha was in desperate need of help, and he was very attached to her.

Although life has been so unfair to both of them, these two innocent souls prove that love and affection are enough to sustain life. “He’s so attached to Sriracha,” Caitlin Cimini, who saved his life, wrote on her Facebook. “I swear he feels the need to comfort her when she has a bad days.”

Sriracha and her best friends went viral after their video was posted online. When the cat had seizures, a little pig ran to her, hugged her, and calmed her down. That moment is captured on camera and it is touching.