Two Rescued Circus Lions Walk On Grass For The First Time

It is heartbreaking to see an animal locked in a cage, let alone a magnificent lion. But unfortunately there are still many circuses in the world where these beautiful wild cats are forced to live that way. For the two of them, it was all over, after a dedicated team managed to rescue them and give them a chance to roam free. The moment two lions feel the grass for the first time simply evokes many emotions.

For more than eight years, Tarzan and Tanya lived a miserable life in a circus in Guatemala. Two giant cats were trapped in a small cage and not properly handled for years. Fortunately, the Animal Defenders International(ADI), a global animal protection organization, learned the history of animals and hurriedly started rescue operation.

These giants are generally fearless, but when ADI’s president and vice presidents, Jan and Tim, went to rescue them, they were so scared and confused. They lived very difficult and sad lives that left deep scars on their bodies and minds. And this latter shows just how abandoned these adorable creatures are.

Fortunately, after many years of sad life, Tanya and Tarzan were eventually taken to a rehabilitation center and then moved to their new home, an orphanage in South Africa. Arriving here, the two had their first chance to set foot on the lawn and it was a wonderful moment.

Learn more about saving Tarzan and Tanya in the video below!