Two little girls teach their dog to jump on the bed and he jumps so well

A pit bull learned how to jump on the bed after watching his two little girls do it. The frisky dog had a blast and got some seriously impressive air.

It took a little bit of encouragement, but once he started, Loco was having the time of his life. The video shows the two little girls coaxing him onto the bed. Once encouraged, Loco took a flying leap and launched himself onto the mattress, making the girls squeal with laughter.

As the video begins, we see Loco just casually walking between the two girls, as if all the jumping isn’t exciting him. But he can’t hold his cool for much longer, and leaps on the bed to join the fun!

As the girls and Loco jump about, the girls keep encouraging Loco to jump higher, and Loco obliges!

Eventually, he launches himself clear across the room and flies onto the mattress beside one of his owners, making the little girl shriek with laughter.

He just can’t comprehend how much fun this springy mattress is, and he is clearly the winner of today’s mattress jumping contest!

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