Two Labradors Take Turns Holding Toy While Getting Treats From Mom

Dogs can often be possessive about their toys. But it’s not the same for everyone because Grace and Cuba are 2 Labradors who have learned the happiness that comes from sharing things.
Their mother recently shared a video of their toy sharing ritual during treatment.

Cuba and Grace when they found out they wanted the same nut and sharing with each other makes them happy.

In a heart-wrenching workout, Mom showed them that both can take turns to play with their favorite toy while others have lunch for the treats.

In this video we will see that these 2 Brothers who are patiently waiting for their treatments.

Of course they don’t want to throw the toy on the ground for even 1 second. So if Grace keeps the toy in her mouth, Cuba takes a snacks treatment.
The same goes for Cuba if he keeps the Grace toy getting a snacks treatment.

Now this is a great coordination!
After enjoying several lessons in sharing, Grace and Cuba have progressed to a power team, who are perfectly in sync with each other.

Look at video below the sweet ritual of sharing Grace and Cuba!

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