Two Dogs Use Teamwork For Drink of Water

Working in a team makes things work properly, as does the expression you work in a team to have the simplest things.
so it is with these two dogs who are trying to drink water, and they they manage.

Tyson and Champ are two very adorable dogs they have been seen standing in front of a water source that needs to be kept pressed to make it possible for the water to come out on top.
After a few attempts, they realize this and do their best to get the water out.

The device is set up so the hose delivers fresh, cool water, but the dogs have to stomp on a pedal to make the water flow.

After learning that, they continuing to do so all the time
It Always fun to watch pets use technology, wonderful video of two dogs making water magic.

Look at video below and believe everything is possible, especially when you are working in a team.

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