Two Adorable Brothers Race To Dinner Every Day for 9 Months Timelapse

Colby and Bleu are two adorable “cheese” brothers Golden Retriever, who are always extremists for dinner. Ever since they were little kids, they make the most adorable run around the hall to grab their favorite shirt!

Mom noticed the enthusiastic run of her cheese pups and decided to film their epic leaps to dinner religiously over a period of 9 months. She uploaded this precious footage on YouTube as a time-lapse video, and it is one of the sweetest things we’ve ever seen!

In video, we see Colby and Bleu growing up as they speed up the “dinner” weeks. It takes single days, they are equally excited when they make dinner and it seems like they are often competing with each other. Excited puppies almost always make a slip, as they try to turn into a hall! So beautiful!

At week 46, the puppies are fully grown, but are running for dinner with the same enthusiasm! It is worth noting that mom carefully bought those dishes with slow food, to prevent them from the effects of fast food. This video will definitely bring a wide smile to your face!


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