Toddler Pushes Dog Around In Buggy At the Supermarket

Grocery shopping is something we all need to do, and while some may dread the idea others do not. Clearly the little girl who was seen pushing her Yorkshire Terrier around in a buggy at a supermarket loves to shop.

The baby is mesmerized by the different types of milk in the case of milk. Meanwhile, her little dog is getting it all with difficulty as he enters a walker while their father appears.

The video was posted on Instagram by blogger Lauren La Rocca aka The Lion’s Mama under the title, “Sunday Food Market.”

In the most adorable way, the little girl looks up and down as if trying to decide which milk her mother wants to buy. Her sweet puppy should think, “Can we go to the pet line for the other animals, please?”

From the looks on the pup’s face, he is enjoying the experience as much as his human bestie. Once the shopping is done, it’s time to head for the exit and call it a day.

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