To funny Cat is thinking to much before hitting dog

Howie is one of the sweetest and most polite dogs out there. Not only is he well-behaved, but he also tries his best to be nice to Ruta, his spectacularly mischievous feline sister. However, the playful Ruta is always busy cooking up ingenious ways to annoy her poor doggie brother.

In this video, we see Howie blissfully lounging on the couch and watching TV. He has no idea that Ruta is just behind him, staring him down. Ruta, with her twisting head and obsessive gaze, seems fixated on Howie’s adorable “airplane” ears. She wants to bop it so bad, but she clearly knows she has to wait for the right moment.

The siblings’ dad is in fits of laughter as he watches Ruta hatch a plan to whack her brother’s ear. After contemplating long and hard, Ruta finally thinks of a cool tactic to hit Howie and get away with it. Poor Howie watches his dad’s hysterical cackles with a puzzled expression, having no idea that Ruta has just raised her paw to hit him!

After anticipating longingly, Ruta finally smacks Howie’s ears so hard that the poor dog is left startled! However, the smart dog has entertained enough of his sister’s pranks. He immediately turns to her to get even, something which Ruta never expected! Watch this video with your volumes up to see whether Ruta managed to escape her brother’s wrath!

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