This Man turns old Tires Into Cute Little Dog Beds

Some people are simply angels among us. What started out as a way to help the environment, has become a full-scale operation that helps dogs and the world at large.

A 23-year-old man named Amarildo Silva lives in Pariba, Brazil. He decided to do something about old discarded tires. He takes them and turns them into dog beds!

After collecting and cleaning them, the smart man paints the tires and adds a circular mattress to the center. He sells them through Instagram, and he has become very popular.

Over two years’ time, Silva sold more than 500 tire dog beds, with orders coming in from around the world.

Little did he realize what started as a way to earn extra money for his family would become a sustainable project that gives back and saves the planet.

He’s not stopping at dog beds, as now Silva is converting tires to flowerpots and recycling containers as well as helping animals in need. Way to go, Amarildo and we raise our sparkling water bowls to you!

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