This Food Truck is Made Just for Dogs Near & Far

It is safe to say that most people have experienced excellent food from food trucks before; but most have not seen a dog specifically a dog.

Barkery Seattle in Washington is a food truck that handles handmade dog treats as well as coffee gourmet for humans.

The dog food truck was started by Ben and Dawn Ford, who had no experience in the food truck industry before they started.

When Dawn came up with this idea years ago, they decided to finally realize their idea in 2014. After spending time getting permission, they finally showed up at their first event in June 2015.

While the truck has become quite a popular destination in Seattle, people are still amazed when they first see it. Ben told iheartdogs that most people’s dogs notice the truck even before their owners do, by raising their noses.

Their menu includes many delicious items for puppies of all types and sizes, including pumpkin harnesses, bacon cupcakes and duck necks. They also have frozen ice cream and beef bones.

All the money they earn from their jar is given to Old Dog Have, a lifeline and guesthouse for the elderly dog.

Fords hopes to drive another food truck in the near future, which will also include treats for cats.


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