This Cat Tries to Make a Close Friendship With the Dog

It used to be said that cats and dogs could not get together but fungal times had changed. There are many cases where kittens and dogs form a permanent home. Some of those friendships take time to continue but eventually they get there.
In the video below is such a case where one of them wants to make a friendship but the other does not want to.

With her adorable face and soft paws, the kitten is determined to make friends with an old dog to become her best friend.
As the dog sits down, the little kitten puts her paws on her chest and begins to boil it and give the dog a kind of massage.
But the dog’s face in response is a mess.

The cat thought that if she gave him this golden message he would fall in love with her but unfortunately he did not fall in love with her and completely ignored her when he tried to give her a hug.

We’re not sure if he’s just upset or just wants to eat a treat instead.
When this action did not work the kitten tries another way she approaches him and with her two sweet paws surrounds his neck.

This is one that is expected to happen soon

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