They saved 7 Puppies Abandoned in Cardboard, plans are to adopt the seven little babies their homes

A cardboard box is no place for a litter of puppies to be all alone in, but that’s exactly what someone in Serbia found along the side of the road. Serbia is located in the west-central Balkans and at the crossroads of central and southeast Europe.

The animal rescuers were heartbroken to find the little ones by themselves with their mother nowhere in sight. On their video of the incident, Dog Rescue Shelter Mladenovac, Serbia wondered, “How people can be so cruel to separate these little ones?”

Sadly, puppies are abandoned all the time in Serbia leading to tens of thousands of strays. If the little ones were not rescued, they surely would have perished.

The folks who saved their lives are caring for them around the clock and bottle feeding them every two hours. They sleep in a warm home in comfort as they grow and gain weight.

Once they are old enough at two months of age, plans are to adopt the seven little babies out to forever homes.

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