There Is An Special Bond Between Horse And Baboon

Did you think we broke up with a “strange” friendship today? If so, we are wrong because we will present another unique friendship, the friendship between a baboon and a horse. Tuff of neighboring Monkey Country described the pair as “an incredible bond.”

Wild, unnamed female baboon is grooming her horse mate to break boundaries. We bring you the strangest, craziest and most bizarre stories from all over the world. Track daily downloads you can count on just by looking.

Yes, this may not be as unique as the friendship between a koala and a horse. Because this isn’t the first equine monkey friendship we’ve seen on the internet. I remember a few years ago a video of a monkey and a horse hugging each other went viral on Facebook.

Also, horses seem to be able to get along well with any animal in the world. To be honest, I’m expecting more “strange” acquaintances because they are absolutely my favorites.

Watch the video below and let us know what you think of this friendship. Also, if you think your friends should also watch, don’t forget to share with them.