The World’s Rarest White-Faced Fawn Gains New Life After He Was Rejected By Mother

According to, the rare white-faced fawn found a lovely home on a livestock farm in Michigan after her mother refused postnatally. A fawn named Dragon is only a week and a half old and is just as adorable as his fierce name. According to Fox 17, the Dragon was born at Deer Tracks Junction, an animal farm in Cedar Springs, Michigan.

Hilary Powell, a farmer and surrogate mother to the fawn, told the news agency that Dragon had been abandoned by her mother. Perhaps because he was born with a white face that made it difficult to survive in the wild. “In the wild, they are very, very rare,” Powell said of Dragons.

The baby deer’s mother, a doe named Bunny, was a white-tailed deer. Born with bright blue eyes and a pink nose, Dragon was rejected after birth perhaps because he didn’t resemble other fawns, Powell told “Normally they have black noses,” Powell told Fox 17.

“[A pink nose] is actually a disadvantage in nature, because without shade, their nose is very sensitive to the sun and can get sunburned.”

But baby Dragon is currently being cared for with a lot of love. Powell and his family will continue to bottle-feed the boy until he is ready to meet the farm visitors and participate in deer games.


Here is the video!