The Workers Rescued The ‘Dog’ From The Frozen River, But Found Out That It Wasn’t A Dog At All

Life is full of surprises and you never know what will happen in the next moment. Even if you think you are ready for all possibilities, there are still many things you simply cannot imagine. For example, a wolf in your car.

Estonia’s three dams Rando Karseppa, Robin Sillamäe and Erki Väli started off with a completely normal day, paying attention to something on the almost frozen Pärnu River. It was a dog struggling helplessly in the frozen water. The kind people rushed to the river without hesitation to save the unfortunate animal. He was quickly dragged out of the river and wrapped in a thick blanket. Only then did they have a chance to see him more clearly. He was a big, cute dog with piercing yellow eyes! It is probably because of his thick coat that he was able to survive so long in the ice water.

However, the dog was trembling and was not feeling well. He survived the drowning, but has not yet fully recovered. His body temperature was so low that there was a risk of hypothermia. Knowing that the animal still needed help, the benevolent people quit their jobs again and took him to the veterinary hospital for more thorough treatment. After loading the waving dog into the pickup truck, staff were instructed to call a nearby veterinary clinic and retrieve the dog as soon as possible. During this time the dog fell asleep en route and even put his head on Cartepa’s lap, closed his eyes, and charged the battery.

As soon as we arrived at hospital, the veterinarians were there. Then the problem arose. And no, the problem wasn’t his health, it was his personality. The vet couldn’t determine the breed of the dog, so he decided to call a local hunter and ask if they could help with the task. The seasoned hunter knew exactly what he was dealing with. It turns out that the survivor was actually a wolf, not a dog!

Hunter’s confirmation surprised all workers and veterinarians. In fact, everyone knew that dog was exceptional because of its unusual appearance, but no one suspected that it was wolf. Especially because the workers have already locked the wolf in the car without a leash! Wild wolves can easily harm them if they want or worse.

Fortunately, the wolf was really obedient. Perhaps he was too weak to do this or knew that these people had saved his life. But the serenity obviously doesn’t last long.

Yes, the wolf was looking for a good opportunity to reveal himself. After the one-year-old animal regained its strength, it began to behave like a regular wolf, so veterinarians had to put it in a cage for the safety of everyone, including the wolf.


When wolf was finally fully recovered, they decide to return him to the wild. To keep him safe for a long time, the Estonian National Environmental Protection Agency has even installed a GPS hook that tracks the wolf’s location.


The moment the wolf was released from the cage, it ran like lightning and disappeared into the white field! Carsep and his party said goodbye to him one last time, completing an unforgettable story.


Update: A month after being rescued, the wolf reappeared in the wild in perfect form just over 70 miles from where it was released. This handsome man seems to be doing well. Good luck!