The Stray Mother Brings The Cat To The Hospital For Help Then Doctors Took Care Of Her

A wise cat mom took a little kitten to a hospital in Istanbul and immediately caught everyone’s heart. When the stray cat rushed to the emergency room with the kitten in her mouth, the staff rushed to help, thinking the kitten might be ill, so they set out to help mom and baby.

Merve Özcan took some pictures of the kitten and her compassionate mother and posted them on Twitter. “Today, when a cat rushed into her mouth with a kitten, I was in a hospital emergency,” Ozkan wrote. Hospital staff tested the little kitten, and she ate and drank something while she was waiting for her worried mother to finish her test.

Rescuers could not find anything in the kitten, and the mother also appeared to be perfectly healthy. But just in case, they saw both the mother and the kitten at the vet.  The cat’s mom seems to have wanted to take her little kitten to a safe place. She knew she would definitely find someone who was kind and considerate in the hospital.

Turks are known for their love for cats and their confused love and compassion. On the streets of Istanbul, we often see food and water left behind for the city’s stray cats.

Mom probably wanted love, food, and attention, and knew that the hospital people wanted to give love and care to her and her new baby.  And she was probably excited to show off her beautiful little kitten and make people admire the perfect little life she created.

If so, she has granted her wish. Now people from all over the world are praising her and her cute kitten.