The Rescued Little Cat Became The Owner Of Her Large Dog Family

Cats are often considered cold, indifferent creatures who want to do their own thing. They don’t care how small or big they are. They want to be considered the boss of everything around them.

Meet the three puppies, Mira, Fred and Willow, who live together under one roof. They make up a family, a pack and usually do not harm each other. But the leader of the dog pack is not one of them. Their boss is the rescued cat TK. She was found alone on the roadside and rescued by Annelissa, the dog’s mother.

When Annelessa took her kitten home and introduced her to her dog, she was concerned that the dog would harm the small animal. But fortunately, they treat each other like family and get along well. They didn’t even care when TK got a little rough at times.

Annelessa was delighted, but never expected that the little kitten would become the owner of these big dogs. Her dog loves her because she is cute and weird and she always knows what to do next with her.

For the most part, dogs are delighted to have a small kitten as their leader. They are lucky as the pack leader. No matter what happens, they love each other and are animals’ best friends. Special thanks to Annelissa, T.K. And the three Meer, Fred, and Willow.

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