The Puppy Was Excited When The Same Man Who Saved Him Returned To Adopt

The Pitbull puppy rescued in a critical situation reunites with the rescuer and the greatest surprise awaits! A Nova Scotian Marine named Joey Wagner rescued a Pitbull puppy at just the right time. Wagner came across a moldy puppy and acted quickly! He immediately took him to the vet for help. Fortunately, his quick action saved the dog’s life. The medical team was fortunate enough to name the dog Mojo. Medical staff did not want Mojo to be traditionally accepted.


So of course they contacted a very special person who was going to open a house for Mojo. When Wagner returned to the hospital to see his new puppy, he greeted him with a very special greeting. Mojo was very happy to see who saved him. He definitely remembered Wagner and the decision to reunite them was just great!

Mojo is now 3 years old and is fine! He lives happily with Wagner and his family and is a very happy boy. The dog seems very cheeky (and we fully agree!) It’s perfectly nice and beautiful! Such an exciting and moving story once again shows that animals in general, especially dogs, have as many emotions as humans.

In addition, there is hope in this world as there are wonderful people who take care of animals. Check out the video below and let us know what you think.

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