The Owner Plays Games Like Crazy, the Dog Gets Confused Watching Him

We live in a world filled with gadgets– some are to make our lives more convenient while others were invented for us to have a good time. Since dogs mainly understand our commands and their own lives, they may think our gadgets are pretty strange. This dog, in particular, has a “what the heck is that?” look written all over her face as she checks out Dad and his new gadget.

In the video, a Dog-Dad named Dylan is having a grand time playing with his Virtual Reality (VR) console. He’s flailing around while the VR headset is over his eyes. He actually has no idea what his dog Hera looks like as she confusingly stares at him.

Hera has no clue what to think of this odd behavior. Is Dad having fun? Is he trying to beat the bad guys that are obviously invisible? Is this a new human dance Hera can’t figure out?

Whatever it is, the only thing that’s truly relevant here is Hera’s epic staredown. Her expression is so human-like and literally says so much without uttering a word at all.

The video is too good to miss. Scroll down and press play!


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