The Owner Found The Lost Dog On The Road After Three Years

In a very emotional scene, a man is suddenly found with his lost dog. For more than three years, the owner continued to search for his four-legged friend and he never gave up hope of finding him. Fortunately, faith smiled on him, and the pair was finally reunited!

Giorgi Bereziani of Tbilisi, Georgia and his dog Jorge are inseparable since the dog was a puppy. Unfortunately, one day a loyal dog got lost and he seemed to disappear, even though the owner tried to find him. Days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months,  and there was no way of Jorge, but Giorgi never gave up hope and continued to search for his friend.

For three years, Georgi did not stop looking for Jorge, putting up flyers on the streets of Tbilisi. Eventually, his efforts paid off and the pair reunited. The moment was captured on camera, and this is nothing but peace of mind.

When an employee of the Tbilisi Opera and Ballet Theater called George to inform him that he had found a dog that matched Jorge’s description, the man immediately ran there, hoping it was true. Fortunately, the man was right!

“We searched him for three years,” the 62-year-old told THE DODO. “So we found him!”

The moment they were reunited was overwhelming for both of them. When the poor dog learned that the man approaching him was in fact his old friend, he was immediately freaked out. It greeted its owner by wagging its tail uncontrollably, as Giorgi couldn’t believe he had finally found his best friend.

And here is the touching reunion!