The Older Rescued Lion And The Little Squirrel Spend Time Together

Unfortunately, Lion Guero had a very serious past. A giant wild cat has spent its entire life in a private zoo in Mexico. He had to live alone in a small cage. An incredibly difficult life that affected him both mentally and physically.

Luckily, a local animal welfare organization found him in a timely manner. Shortly after he was rescued, these volunteers headed to a Wild Animal Sanctuary in Colorado for help. The friendly people were happy to help, and Guero was taken to the United States to receive the necessary treatment.

The rescued lion is then transferred to a sanctuary, where it finally has a chance to live a peaceful life. He adapted to his new home very quickly and he seemed to have made new friends there.

Even the painful past left a deep wound in his soul, the gentle giant still radiates love around him. Recently, Guero surprised his keepers with the kindness he showed to a small creature that visited his cage. The huge lion was filmed sharing a warm moment with a squirrel. On top of that, Guero is happy to share his food with his young guests. A beautiful friendship is about to be born!

“Guero and the 13-striped Ground Squirrel turned out to be friends, and it’s perfectly normal for Guero to share food,” they wrote in a Facebook sanctuary. “Every day, Guero wants to eat whipped cream after eating all the meat, but the squirrel likes to eat whipped cream as well! This is a scene we see more and more often. They have such a sweet connection.