The Naughty Horse Continues To Interrupt And Play With The Cameraman

I’m sure you’ve had a lot of unpleasant moments that make your job very difficult as most of you work here in different positions. This happens very often, and what we can do is to be experts and try to get rid of such uncomfortable situations as quickly as possible.

On the other hand, they are very funny and can enliven a very boring working day. I know you prefer the second scenario over the first. Closer to the horse, the second option is more suitable.

Horses are very fun animals, but they can often make you uncomfortable. And all those fun moments keep happening. The video below shows one of the funniest moments when a horse can’t get a man to do his job properly.

Cameraman Greg Harriott walked into the stable ready to shoot the Zookeeper, and received one big surprise. Whatever filming took place that day at a ranch near Santiago, Chile, Greg Harriot was ready to act.

Greg said he knew he could shoot amongst his horses, but the really shocking thing happened when he did. As a professional cameraman, when the interview was ready, he adjusted himself to stand in the perfect place to provide adequate lighting and everything else.

The main focus was on horse for the show “Born To Explore With Richard Wiese”. Ready to act, Greg turned on the camera, but as soon as he did, there was a slight interruption. Since the interview itself went well, Greg didn’t want to interrupt it, so he did his best to keep the production going.

He thought he had found a better place to shoot the show, but it turned out he was standing right in front of a very playful horse. Well, no matter what, I’m sure he had one of the best working days and he’ll never forget it.