The kitten with thumbs found love in a giant dog

A tiny kitten was brought to an emergency veterinary hospital in need of care and love. One of the workers at the hospital decided to adopt this cat. This look like a common story, but what happened next are the things that make the viewers internet happy.

His name was Skywalker, most likely after the character in Star Wars, the kitten was three weeks old, weighing less than a pound when his journey began. This man’s wife, Kim Downie, noticed something very special about the little trick right away.

Little kitten and dog Mojito became very good friends when they looked at each other. Mojito started licking the kitten and kitty loved cuddling with his new dog bestie, he would clean him and they would take naps together.


Mojito took on the role of a mother, cleaning, snuggling with him, and making sure that he would never be alone.

It is not the first time that Mojito makes cat friends, he has always loved cats, especially small kittens.

Best of all is that Mojito doesn’t judge his kitty pal for his big thumbs,for more see the video below and you will feel excited by this event.



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