The HorseRider Duo Came To Rescue A Woman That Was Robbed

As we all know we live in a precarious world and this is a global situation with the exception of a few countries in the world. In other words, many robberies occur because many people make a living by stealing because their lives are unhappy or they are unable to enter the labor market. This is more likely to happen in large countries like the United States, or in many countries in Western Europe and East Asia.

Well, the protagonist in the video below is not a cop, but a completely unique duo rider. It’s like a scene from a movie. As a child, we all had cowboy heroes. John Wayne in films like Real Exposure and The Shooter. 1950 James Stewart, Paul Newman’s classic Winchester 73, and of course Clint Eastwood. Recently we met some of the greatest cowboy heroes of all time… Woody from the Toy Story trilogy.

But on days of motorcycle raids and helicopter rallies, real cowboys are an endangered breed. But recently, Eagle Point, Oregon, once again became a legend when a real cowboy became the hero of a bike hijacking at a local Walmart. You could say Robert Borba is one of the last of his kind in this part. Robert is a true equestrian cowboy who does nothing but work on the ground.

Robert spends the day with his wife and three children on the farm, collecting cattle and doing all the work of making real blue cowboys. What he does in the video below is absolutely amazing.

It’s really hard to believe because it doesn’t actually happen. I won’t tell you what’s going on, but I hope you can watch the video and understand for yourself. Take a look and let me know what you think.