The Horse Rider Uses His Comical Method To Load The Horse Into The Trailer

All horses have stubborn moments when they refuse to perform even the simplest tasks required by their owners, so it’s safe to say that we all have dealt with stubborn horses that don’t do what they’re told. In this video, talented trainer and rider Tristan Tucker demonstrates a fun way to load a horse onto a trailer using the TRT method.

This unique training program, invented by Tucker, is used all over the world and is said to help all horse owners cope with fear, unwanted behavior, fear of certain objects, the tension of training and competition, trailer loading and many other issues. It is believed , horses show more problems in different situations. Using the TRT method, Tucker will rewrite the history of horses and make them more confident and calmer than ever before.

This method includes free instructional videos, online programs, and live streams hosted by Tristan Tucker. He is also a great comedian, and this video proves it. Here he shows you the “right way” to put your stubborn horse on a trailer. As you can see from the video, the audience who came to watch the live burst into laughter at this interesting presentation.

Every horse owner who faced this problem found himself in every word Tucker said. I’m sure everyone who has seen the video already understands it, but I have to say this is a fun video and not the right way to upload horses to a trailer.