The Horse Reunites With His Beloved Owner After Three Weeks Of Separation

Do you remember your first contact with a horse? If you’re riding now, it means that this first meeting led to another great moment with them. I’m sure almost all horse owners can’t stay away from their horses for long. Horses have become a very important part of the family and every owner has an inner desire to welcome them every day.
When you’re tired, this is definitely one of the most relaxing horse activities and it’s absolutely amazing. Now I think I’ve never even seen myself as the owner of anything other than a horse. Especially after spending many years with them.

Not only can we not leave without them, they cannot live without us, and it will be very difficult for them to adapt as usual when they have to change owners at certain moments in their lives. They are very emotionally attached to their owners with whom they spend most of their lives. These words in the video below are definitely a good example.

The owner of a horse who returned from a three-week overseas trip. Returning home, she wants only one thing: a reunion with her beloved beautiful horse. On a cloudy day, a horse in an amazing purple fur coat is grazing in the pasture. At first he does not understand who is calling him at the door from afar. The
horse stands in amazement, but doesn’t move a single muscle… Realizing that this is his best friend, he’s finally home! Then everything in her turns to her pleasant direction and the way he runs to her with excitement is simply amazing! It is clear that these two have a special relationship.

He was her most excited horse since she realized that it was her own mistress, whom she had missed a lot while on her vacation. It is no wonder why many horse owners choose to take their horses on vacation. This is a really cool idea because most people who have tried it actually recommend it. Watch the video below and share your thoughts on such a beautiful tender moment.