The Dog Uses Shoe As Shelter, But Strange Man Gives Her Better Life

Goran Marinkovic always brings food with him when he walks in Kraljevo, Serbia. He feeds over 100 stray dogs and cats every day without anyone looking after them, but last March he ran into a little puppy he couldn’t leave. The dog lives next to the dumpster with old boots. Mariinkovich couldn’t find another dog nearby because the puppy was too young to be without a mother.

As he approached the puppy, he immediately laid down and exposed his belly. “She was completely exhausted,” said Marinkovic. “She knew I was her only chance, so she knelt down on her knees and succumbed to her fate.” Markovich took a small dog and took her to the vet. He wasn’t sure she could survive sleeping alone so long under the stars. But the puppy named Coco did not let him go.

Coco’s lovable personality began to appear as she regained her powers. “She loves people,” Marinkovic said. “She is always optimistic.” Marinkovich’s mailbox was full of messages asking him to pick up her puppy after the puppy posted a picture on Facebook.

On the other hand, Marinkovich wanted to make sure she owns her best home. He contacted friends and fellow rescuers who were familiar with international animal adoption. And one day Coco got all the vaccinations. Koko is nothing like the sick puppy Marinkovic found hiding behind boots a year ago. She grew up with her family as an adventurous, fun, fluffy dog.