The Dog Treats His Owner With Silent After His First Trip To The Dentist

No one likes going to the dentist. The same applies to dogs. It’s not as fun as going to a dog park or a restaurant.
As a result, when Fritz’s mother Bret Mortimer took him to the dentist, she didn’t say where he was going. Imagine his surprise when he enters the doctor’s office. This is not his usual vet.

Betrayal! It was difficult leaving Fritz to brush his teeth, but his mother understands the importance of dental care for his dog. This will keep his teeth and gums healthy and prevent disease. As a result, Fritz will be able to live a long and happy life.

Fritz, on the other hand, doesn’t see it. Brett meets the angry Fritz and goes to pick him up. He doesn’t even look at his mother. This suggests that he doesn’t like his appointment with the dentist.

He stares straight to make sure she understands that he’s not paying her attention.

Giggling, Brett pulled out her cell phone to catch the new “silence therapy” that Fritz had given her. When she called his name, her dog looked out of her car window and diligently avoided eye contact as if to say, “The world has let me down.” In fact, there were tears in his eyes when Brett zoomed in on the puppy’s face!


Shot by Bret of Fritz’s delightful human reaction, the video went viral online, quickly garnering over 2 million views on Twitter alone. Perhaps the video will be very popular because many of us can figure it out! “A lot of people said, ‘Oh, it’s me when I’m mad at my boyfriend,'” Brett said.