The Dog Owner Gives His Puppy A Step Stool So He Can Greet His Friends Over The Fence

Labradors may not be the smallest of dogs, but next to their two Danish neighbors, this chocolate lab named Guiseppe looks really small. Sweet lab recently moved in next door with brothers Vito and Bambino, and the Great Danes brothers are happy to have an exciting new friend in the neighborhood. Tall as they were, Vito and Bambino were peering through the wall separating the two backyards, hoping to see Guiseppe looking back.

Unfortunately, the small lab was too short to reach all the way up. Giuseppe was far from sloth but anyway he had trouble jumping high to say hello to his neighbors. Over and over he tried to climb high enough to sniff Vito and Bambino, but he couldn’t. Not without help anyway.

Giuseppe’s family followed his constant struggle with joy and compassion.

Whenever they saw a useless leap that didn’t get him where he needed it, they hoped there would be a way to help him.

And they realized – uh-huh! – There is a very clear way to help a little puppy.

After all, what do they take out when they have to reach too high? Of course, a chair.

Than one day, Guiseppe’s family brought him a stool, and suddenly a cute labrador was finally able to overlook the wall.

His little tail moved a mile per minute as he supported his foot against the wall and thrust his head over it.

Giuseppe was delighted and Vito and Bambino were eagerly waiting for the determined puppy to finally succeed.

Now Giuseppe can say hello to his friends and neighbors whenever he wants, and Vito and Bambino are excited that their new friend is two steps away from them.

And here is the video!