The Dog Initially Does Not Recognize The Military Mother And Then Sniffs Her Scent

Janna Berger is serving in the military, so she must always be away for a long time. Although she is committed to her own work, it is always difficult to leave her beloved dog.

This time she was absent for eight months while her dog Murphy was with her family.

When she finally got home, she wanted to surprise Murphy, but worried that he might not remember her.

When she got there, she waited on the driveway while the family let Murphy outside. At first he didn’t know it was his mother, and kept running away.

Slowly but surely, he approached his human and began to sniff her. As soon as he smelled her nice scent he finally realized who she was and his reaction was absolutely priceless!

Murphy is so happy that he can’t even suppress his excitement. He was completely surprised and ran around and jumped on his mother.