The Dog helps elderly woman by barking at back window

Dogs are man’s best friend — and hero.
An elderly woman in Wisconsin suffered a fall last Thursday, leaving her unable to get up from her walkway.
She was saved from lying there for hours thanks to one intuitive dog, Bella.
Bella’s owner, David Baye, was alerted to the danger his neighbour was in as the dog pawed and barked at the back door and window.
He said that Bella rarely acted this way.
She looked at me and then turned to the patio door and started pawing frantically at Baye explained.
My fiancee and I got dressed and went out there right away and helped her get up and get back inside her home, make sure she wasn’t injured.”
Baye, who works part-time at the Fox Valley Humane Association as an in-house photographer, said he feared his neighbour would’ve been outside all night had it not been for his beloved dog.
“We started calling her and when we did, she started pawing pretty frantically at the back patio door glass, which she has never done before,” he captioned a sweet photo of his dog.
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