The Bear Is Having Fun In The Shower After 25 Years Working In The Circus

The circus is wrong for a number of reasons. Poor wild animals, who need to roam freely in the wild, must perform tricks to entertain people. Toshka had such a terrible experience too. This bear has been a member of the circus for over 25 years. Fortunately, after spending a lifetime in cage, Toshka is finally rescued and the way he takes advantage that moment is truly touching!

Shortly after rescue, the bear was taken to a shelter in Satanov, Ukraine. There he finally found a beautiful place to live in peace for the rest of his life. Life that Toshka is clearly enjoying. But this was not the case in the first place. A few days after arriving at the sanctuary, the poor bear became terrified and hid all day.

It took him a while to realize that the people around him had good intentions, but in that moment, Toshka showed who he really was: a kind, gentle giant. “Toshka was very afraid of people. He didn’t leave the bush for two weeks,” says a shelter volunteer. “He’s been a circus bear most of his life, but he’s here now for rehab and life support.”

Now Toshka can’t get enough of a sunny day and he’s spoiled. A recently released video showed him enjoying a cool shower under the sun. Given that the temperature in Ukraine has recently exceeded 95 degrees, it’s no surprise that Toshka is enjoying it so much.

Another employee said, “The attention and consideration melted his heart. Now his favorite hobby is taking a shower in the sun. He takes a seated position and is ready to sit for hours.”

Watch Toshka enjoying the so earned shower, below: