Teaching A Pair Of Horses And A Shetland To Drive A Carriage Proves It’s Worth It

We all saw the horses pulling the carts and were amazed at the power they showed. It’s amazing how much a horse can pull, but even more amazing when a Shetlander pulls it. However, when looking for Shetland horses, it turns out that they are really strong, determined and bred for work.

In this video, the Shetland is pulling a wagon of two people, and the little horse seems to react surprisingly to orders. Actually, this is an amazing video. Horses are very well trained and it is a pleasure to see happy animals do what they are told.

The trot sound takes you to another reality and completely separates you from your daily activities. There’s also a fun part in the video that shows the difference between a Shetland and a horse and everyone is hooked on a pony. Adorable little rideable pony. I believe he is one of those who simply penetrates everyone’s heart. Watch the video and enjoy!