Study Explains Why Cats May Like Their Owners as Much as Dogs

Cats have always been victims of unfair stereotypes. “Over”, “temperament” and even “vague” – they have been labeled with these vague adjectives for centuries. However, a recent study found that cats love their humans as much as dogs and babies!


In a study led by Kristyn Vitale, pets were separated from their owners and put under stressful situations to see how they react when their owners return. At the end of this study, 64 percent of cats were found to have a “safe union” with their owner, while 36 percent had an “unsafe relationship”. Strangely, these statistics are the same for dogs and babies!

Kristyn explains that pets with a “safe union” are sure of the love of their owners and act more independently, while those with an “unsafe connection” tend to act deceitfully under stress. Further, Christine also tightens the myth behind the cats face. As it turns out, cats look emotionless with their monotonous expressions just because they have fewer facial muscles than dogs!

Video has been a revealing train in the mental makeup of cats. At the end of the day, they are innocent, pet-loving, and lovable pets who are fiercely loyal to the people who gain their trust. We hope people finally stop stereotyping cats and embrace their unique and vibrant personalities!


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