Strong Friendship Between Failed Cattle Dog And Disabled Calf

A cute cow named Cupcake was born with a crippled body and unfortunately twisted legs. The hind legs also were turned around, but thankfully to God they were fixed and straightened. Jane Kay Meyer eventually adopted Cupcake when she was 5 weeks old. Meyer and her husband Tim became cattle guardians, tending and feeding the cattle every day.

The story was even more exciting, as we shouldn’t forget that Cupcake also has a third supervisor, even if that’s not what you expect. Meyer’s dog, named Bo, loved Cupcake and began to take care for her. The two are inseparable, and Bo is by her side day and night. When the Cupcake first arrived and started drinking from the bottle, Bo licked all the milk from her face and combed her hair like a baby.

Probably Tim’s new cow dog, but every time Bo got on the truck, he felt sick. Even if Bo wasn’t a cow dog, he found his calling. Bo and Cupcake made special friendship and love to snuggle up and play together. Bo seems to protect sso much Cupcake¬†Meyer is currently trying to raise money for an operation that seems doubtful if it works.

Her tendons can be cut and repaired, but the family has not yet talked to the vet to find the best route. In any case, Bo and Cupcake make the most of their time together, and the owners try to provide the best possible quality of life while Cupcake is together. Such a special friendship between a dog and a cow. Check out the video and let us know what you think.