Strong Friendship Between A Bear And A Wolf In Wild Finland

The wildlife photographer Lassi Rautiainen managed to capture heart-warming pictures deep in the wildness of northern Finland. The footage reveals a very unlikely friendship between two of the most ferocious predators of the European forests.

“No one knows exactly why and how a young wolf and a bear became friends” said Lassi. “I think they were both alone and maybe they were young and didn’t know how to live alone. They feel reassured when they are together.”

The 56-year-old photographer has dedicated his career to Finnish wildlife exploration. Its goal is to bring people closer to nature. Through his work, including illustrations, articles and books, Lassi wants to showcase the beauty of nature and let people know that it is truly safe in the wild.

Using his impressive work, he wants people to experience the beauty of the “big five” and share their respect for these animals. In her latest project, Lassi wanted to eradicate distorted myths and highlight the beauty of Finland’s gigantic predator.

Thanks to his commitment, the location of wildlife Lassi Lautiainen’s photographs and the circumstances surrounding the general acceptance of wildlife have changed today. Tourism has also expanded dramatically!

“It’s very rare for a bear and a wolf to get along like this,” Lassi Lautieinen told the Daily Mail. “From everything I’ve found, it’s the first time such a friendship has been born, at least in Europe.”