Squirrel Trying to Hide the Nut in the Mountain Dog fur.

Always dogs see a squirrel they run to follow it, but this time the opposite happened squirrel and the dog are very good friends like sister and brother. They are inseparable and spend a lot of time together. The video is posted on YouTube which quickly amassed more than 12 million views!

They live with their mother in Parkville and one day the mother filmed a part where the squirrel was trying to hide the nut in the dog’s fur, but it didn’t work out because the nut was slipping and fell to the ground.He tried two or three times but it didn’t work the nut kept falling out of Jax’s fur so he got irritated and decided to eat the nut.

The dog, meanwhile, was wondering what the squirrel was doing to his wool while digging, but it didn’t bother him at all.

Like all siblings, Jax and Wally bicker sometimes. Now Jax and Wally are an adorable odd couple who love spending time with each other.Click on the video below and see moment where Wally tries his hardest to hide an nut in Jax’s fur.


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