Sleeping Octopus While Dreaming Changes Color

Mother Nature never ceases to amaze, that’s for sure. This time, one of the most mysterious underwater creatures that baffled marine biologists – the octopus. All of this follows a rare but endearing streak that suggests these creatures may be having dreams. But what’s more intriguing is that the creature changes color as it sleeps.

The beautiful video is part of the PBS documentary series “Octopus: Making Contact,” which aired last month. And it shows an octopus named “Heidi” as she sleeps in a tank of water and momentarily it starts to change color. According to marine biologist David Scheel of Alaska Pacific University, this animal is having dreams.

“If she was dreaming, it was a dramatic moment,” Scheel said. “You can almost relate changes in her body and recount dreams. She sees a crab and its color starts to change slightly, then turns completely black, with octopuses appearing as they leave the bottom. It was a cover-up, like she had just overpowered a crab and was just going to sit there and eat it, and she didn’t want anyone to notice her.”

But what is very incredibly unexplainable to scientists is that the octopus’ mantle is a very delicate part of its body. And thanks to the creature’s multiple brains, it can control skin color changes very accurately. Therefore, it is very rare for an octopus to use it during sleep.

“It’s a very unusual behavior to see colors in and out of her mantle like this, but you just see all the different color patterns flashing one after another, which you wouldn’t normally see when an animal is sleeping. “Scheel said. “It’s really fascinating!”

Until oceanographers find an explanation for the rare phenomenon, we have no choice but to admire the beautiful film material: