Siblings Of The Same Litter Recognize Each Other On A Walk

Family is amazing-relationship with someone is a bond that lasts no matter where you are or how far you are.

The two little dogs proved it because they came from the same litter after immediately recognizing each other on the street! The two cockapoos, Monty and Rosie, may not look like brothers right away-they have completely opposite coats, white and black-but they have the same litter last summer. I was born from a child.
“There were six,” Rosie’s owner Susan Kilip told Dodo. “But Monty and Rosie were always together.”

Susan adopted Rosie, and a friend near him adopted Monty. Despite living nearby, they lost contact … until a fateful walk brought them back together.

The two dogs quickly recognized her and happily hugged her. It was much more affectionate than how strange dogs react when they pass each other. “It was very nice, they just jumped up and hugged,” Susan said. “I was surprised to remember each other after not meeting for 10 months.”

The story became viral after one of the owners took a picture of a lovely scene and someone posted a picture on Twitter.

It was clear that there was still a lot of love between the two long-lost brothers… and their owners knew they could not separate them.
Susan said. “It’s a little hard right now, but let’s go for a dog walk together after this is over.”

It’s amazing how these dogs still love each other and even grow up apart! Share this lovely story!