Siberian Huskies and child 2-years old playing and laughing together

Siberian Huskies aren’t afraid to tell their owners what they are thinking. As Husky lovers can attest, the breed loves to howl. Sometimes the howling often sounds like human speech patterns. The latest Husky video to capture the hearts of dog lovers across the Internet involves Boston the Husky and Braxton the child.

Alix Smith is the mom to the 6-year-old pooch and the 2-year-old child. Recently, her son got into a howling exchange with the dog, and she decided to start recording.

The Walker, Michigan family is now getting messages from as far as the Phillippines and China since posting the video online. The Facebook video has over five million views as of this writing.

“I think it’s awesome, though, because I think there’s just so much going on with coronavirus, politics and everything,” Alix said. “So for everyone to get a smile and laugh looking at my dog and son, I’m totally okay with that. A little bit of happiness and cheer to the world.”

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