She Had Lost the Dog for Two Years and She finally Found it, What Emotions

Rebecca had hoped to find her two-year-old lost dog, Emmy Lou. But after a long separation, the two shared a happy reunion in Louisville.

The Heeler-Border Collie mix was launched with a friend’s dog back in 2017 and was nowhere to be found. But Bien never gave up and kept looking for him.
She took to social media to see if anyone had seen her, but all glances had been false alarms.

A Facebook group with many members in the Louisville area tried to help Bien and John Clay find their dog.

She rushed to the Louisville shelter for a heartfelt reunion.
Emmy Lou was found with a collar, leading Bien to believe she had a house at one point in the last two years.

Emmy Lou was just as happy to see that human again and couldn’t stop climbing on it and kissing them.

The reunion was a euphoric moment between Bien and Emmy Lou, which took place with the dog.

Click below and see the magic moment of their union

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