Shania Twain Entered On Stage By Singing And Performing With Her Horse

Shania Twain, a best-selling artist and country music legend, has probably proved to be the horse’s most beloved celebrity. Because of her love, she decided to make her beautiful horse part of her concert. She played one of her most successful songs, “You’re Still One,” and as soon as the music started, she rode a horse to the stage, offering one of the greatest performances in history.

The horse was very calm during the performance and was completely undisturbed by the thousands of people standing in front of it, so it turns out to be very well trained. In the end, the owner dedicated a song to him. Who isn’t happy with the dedication from Shania Twain?

Performing arts are also worth mentioning. It’s very simple, but it was amazing. The subdued shades perfectly matched the splendor of Shania and her horse. If you haven’t seen this performance yet, what are you waiting for? Check out the video and let us know what you think.

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