Senior Dog Gets a Transformation When Owner Died and Now he Helps Prison Inmates

Scooby the senior dog’s life was shattered overnight when his owner died. He loved his human so dearly that the poor dog crumbled down in tears when he realized he was on his own now. A shelter took him in, but that hardly made any difference for the grieving Scooby.

Even after spending weeks at the shelter, Scooby didn’t recover from his heartbreak. He was sad and lonely all the time. Potential adopters never cared much for senior dogs like him, and seeing his forlorn face made him ‘undesirable’ to adopters. The workers sensed that Scooby had lost his purpose in life, and they wanted to do everything they could to help him live a happy life again.

In this video, we see Scooby being taken to “Hollywood Rescue Grooming” to receive a much-needed makeover. As he gets a proper bath and a haircut, and we see a tiny flicker of a smile on his sad face! The session not only rejuvenates his soul, but also gives him a new spark for life.

Soon after Scooby’s transformation, he was enrolled in a program to help reform prison inmates! Scooby has not only found a renewed purpose in life, but is also helping broken and misguided prison inmates change for the better. What a healing transformation for Scooby!

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