Bear did not have an easy life. He spent 15 years chained up outside, neglected and unloved. But thankfully, that all changed.

Kerrie Anne never thought she’d end up adopting a senior dog, but when she read Bear’s story online, and knew she had to give him a loving home.

Vets said he only had a few months left to live, but Anne says Bear was still full of so much life. He was still very energetic and got her up every morning. They would even go on walks and runs together.

Vets were shocked when Bear made it to 17 years old and believe that Anne’s love helped keep him alive.

Bear was eventually diagnosed with vestibular disease, which affects his balance. He also developed arthritis, which made it difficult for him to get around on his own.

Anne gave Bear two amazing years, but sadly, their time together had come to an end. At 17 years old, Bear was ready to say goodbye

Bear’s death left Anne with a hole in her heart that she never thought she’d be able to fill.

But soon after Bear’s passing, Anne was introduced to another senior dog named Goldie after her boyfriend saw her picture online.
Goldie had the same awful past as Bear. She was chained up for eight years, and Anne couldn’t help but think that Bear sent Goldie her way, knowing that she’d be able to help her just like she helped him.

Anne and Goldie quickly developed a close bond.

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