Scared woman Turns On The Light at night and Find A Coyote In Her Room

A Bixby, Oklahoma woman thought her cat and dog were fighting around 4 a.m., but when she turned on her bedroom light, she was shocked at what she saw.

It turns out that it wasn’t exactly her pets fighting, but rather a coyote who managed to get inside her house.

Bonnie Moriarty panicked and took out a golf club for protection. Her husband was out of town, so she was alone with her kids and very worried. Her cat ran into the room, followed by her dog who kept barking. The coyote stayed cowered in the corner, visibly nervous of his surroundings.

While Moriarty couldn’t get the coyote out herself, she contacted Bixby police for help. Officers quickly arrived at the home and were able to get the coyote out using two animal control hooks.

The sneaky little coyote was released back into the woods unharmed. Thankfully no one in the home was harmed, including the family’s cat and dog.

The woman isn’t positive how the coyote got into her home, but she suspects that it was through the back door that wasn’t dead-bolted. She thinks he may have gotten in after he saw her cat. Her home is also right near the woods, which is where the coyote is believed to have come from.

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